Solo/Duo Clips

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Radio Interview/music with TRIO 06-14-12

Radio Show


Solo Clips - Guitar

Solo- "Corco" 10-24-06 (Brazilian)

Solo/Dub - "4 To 6" 01-24-09 Live

Solo - "C You In My Dream" 1-28-08

Solo/Dub-"Thats It!" Ballad'07 Live

Solo/Bkgds - "There's Never" Nov-04

Duo Clips- Guitar & Bass (Upright)

Duo - "Autumn Leafs" (Blooper Intro!!- Anon. Waitress totally loses it in bar 2!) Too Cute! Live

What sound does a food tray make when its hits the floor?
Ibanez AK-86 Guitar

Duo - "Per-did-it" 03-16-06 Live

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