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Many Styles. Master your instrument to unleash your imagination and play what you hear. If you wish, gain a formal foundation, augment Home Schooling or just plain have fun.
Bruce Helgeson  Anderson, SC USA



INSTRUMENTS/ AREAS : Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar; Theory, Arranging, Composition, Transcribing, EarTraining  

MUSICAL STYLES: Jazz, Chord Melody, Blues, Rock/Pop, Funk/R&B, Acoustic/Folk, Most Styles Available. The goal is to
put you in control of the instrument so you can play what you wish.  

SKILL LEVELS: All levels


Website URL:

Teaching Experience: 25 Years+


Teaching Location: Anderson, SC

Teaching Hours:

Sunday:           N/A

Monday:          11-8

Tuesday:          11-8

Wednesday:     11-8

Thursday:        11-8

Friday:             11-6

Saturday:         N/A


Performing Experience:          25yr+

Education & Training:             4 Years Bachelors of Music in Composition, Berklee - Boston MA; 2 Years Instrumental Performance, Guitar, Berklee; Numerous Workshops and Clinics

Personal Statement:     Each lesson is tailored to the individual, to become a total musician. The main goal is to give the student a "Tool Chest" of capabilities which can be used for many styles of music and enable the student play the music they hear in their head. With this "Tool Chest" the student can build any kind of "House" they wish. The pace is geared to the  students liking. We can go leisurely or jump into the triple fast lane.  Often I help students learn "survival guitar" i.e. how to be less embarrassed on stage.  And.. for the very serious who wish to burst through plateaus and jump levels...I offer"THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL IS CHANGE". 

I have been delighted to see some of my students go on to Berklee College of Music (Boston), Univeristy of North Texas (UNT), Musicians Institute(Hollywood), Belmont (Nashville) and our regional Universities.
The students are often in a position to obtain scholarships,

achieve high GPA and enjoy a smooth transition

into aggressively paced music programs. I have worked with a significant number of  adult professional musicians and helped them realize goals and achieve a much deeper command of musical fluency.

Fast Lane to Mastery
Studied with the best..
now brought to you on a silver platter.
Jazz Guitar done right, along with many other styles.

Available for Clinics or Lessons.
Specializing in Jazz, Music Theory and modern music of all kinds.
Bruce defines Jazz as:
A. The pot into which all types of music are stirred, with few steadfast rules, delivered with deep emotion.
B. Based on much improvisation.
C. Those are the only factors, except for some standard vocabulary and harmony ideas (no need to reinvent the wheel completely.....round "tires" still tend to roll best). Harmonic responsibility is a good thing.
"Jazz Guitar is my deepest passion, second only to Jazz   musicianship." 
Yes, in Anderson, SC.

Suggestion: Remember, The use of Space (the Final Frontier!) works magic in your Compositions and Solos. The most important notes you ever play...are the ones you Don't play.
Some of the Best advise I've had is:
Always remain "honest with yourself" in your playing and your music. (If you've ever played on stage I think I think you know what I mean.) It tends to reinforce responsible sure growth.

University Guitar Clinic

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'Those who don't read have no advantage
over those who can't read. '

--Mark Twain


 -The Art of Practice
 leads to

 the Practice of Art
-Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

~ Johann Von Goethe

-Help wipe out Amorphous licks.

Limited beliefs yield limited results.

-Bird Lives.

"Improvisation is too good to leave to chance" - Paul Simon


Did you Know?
Repeat Signs following a D.S. or D.C.are not used.

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