Bruce Helgeson TRIO

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Here are some TRIO offerings...


Doug Norwine - Sax
Bruce Helgeson -Guitar

TRIO 11-06-10 3rd Set #1 HN, Click ME

TRIO 11-06-10 3rd Set #2 Blues

TRIO Aug 2010 "Bridge" -Ballad

TRIO Aug 2010,#11 -Medium Swing

TRIO Aug 2010,#03 -Ballad

TRIO Aug 2010 "Baby" -Medium 2 beat

TRIO VIDEO Aug 2011(from audience)

DUO VIDEO - "3/4&4/4" Doug and Bruce only, Sep'10(AudienceRecording)


Ken Allison - Bass

Bruce Helgeson TRIO

Doug Norwine-Sax

Doug has earned 12 Gold and Platinum Records,Touchstone,Universal,Warner Bros,Fox,Paramount,Sony Recording artist,
(Toured with Paul McCartney, Sinatra, Ray Charles etc)

Let's see what else can be possibly be said about Doug...his further credits go on to read like a dream...Simpsons(for Lisa /BG Murphy),Frasier,Seinfeld, Berklee teacher, et al,  but his playing goes Beyond that...OH what a musician and what a great fun guy!!

The TRIO of Guitar/Sax/Bass...
This is one very solid performing unit, featuring Los Angeles recording artist, Doug Norwine.  We DO love the music, and you will too!
Our goal is to passionately share the artform of dynamic, creative music, and deliver it to the audience on a silver platter. Our artform might best be described as Jazz since it is based on many styles, improvised composition, and involves many facets of current and historical music. We've selected 3000+ of the finest songs ever written for our repertoire.
Please consider booking us for your future events, put us in your contacts, and please tell your friends.
864.276.7727 cell

Ken, Bruce, Doug

Photo-JIm Bandy

Bruce Helgeson-Guitar

Goin for it!!

Ken Allison-Bass

Studio Fun!

Doug Norwine-Sax


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