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BUY LOCAL 3:1  For every $100 spent at a Locally owned business, $45 goes back in to your community.
For every $100 spent at a Chain store only $14 Goes back into your community.
Hmmm... let's go figure. PLEASE do your part to __________(fill in blank, or essay). Please Buy Local at any Cost, esp AMERICAN cars
(where jobs and profits stay in country)

Here are some of my Favorite "Power links"

All My Faves (major links)

Area Codes


Freeality People Search

Inflation Calculator

Jazz: A Congress Deemed National Treasure 1987

Mexico, Rent Casa Nina in Sayulita, for the perfect wind down. I sure enjoyed this Bohemian Surf Village.

WX - The Weather Channel, The Real

ZDNet Computer Technology

Zip Codes

Dependency Issues

Some of my Friends...

Barney Quick- Guitarist(FB link) Author and Great guy!

Tony Klatt Alternative Therapist using Breathwork NYC Carter Boucher-Artist

Carter Boucher - Art

Joe Gianono - An Amazing Friend

Massimo Leather in Florence, IT When I got my jackets, beautiful Italian design. Tell Mass Bruce says Hi!

Peggy Appleby - Artist



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