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Win 10 1607, (probably Win 7 Win 8 ) Lost Indexing, ie Indexing will not work.
I have had this problem on 4 different occasions over the last 6-12 months. This problem developed over time on one machine,and then on another. Even a fresh install of Win10 on a new SSD would not fix it. (I was even getting ready to do a repair install on a freshly installed situation, drastic I say.)

One machine lost Icon Graphics, intermittently, as though memory were taxed(32GB), in addition to the indexing problem. Slow indexing crashed completely as well on one machine.

After scouring internet for "how to fix indexing", I never did find any solutions, just a few hints here and there, so here is this page.
I came out ahead when I searched to learn how search and indexing work on Win10 and which folders they access.
I learned that Windows normally will slow search, even if the faster "Indexing" is not working or disabled.

Here is the folder and general area that needed some attention.

The entire "Search Folder" above and a bunch of other folders were missing in one case. Boy that got my attention!
In another case when I cut and pasted a folder from another Windows install, or deleted a folder the icons would lose their nice graphic content
and just show white boxes. The machine never did blue screen or fully crash with my changes.

Actual Problem:
I had installed Windows on several different drives. I did not want to delete the old windows installations on the other Drives (like D: E: or F:).
As long as the newly installed windows 10 drive was hooked up, by itself, everything worked fine.
As soon as the other drives were hooked up, Indexing would not work, You could not "Rebuild the index"and
You could not turn indexing on or off and could not start or stop "Windows Search" under services ( Type Services.msc in lower left box, go to "Windows Search" and start or stop).
Deleting the windows.edb would not fix it in one case.

So, Windows had automatically gone to my Windows install on Drive D: and started using the windows.edb listed there, and changed file date accordingly. I wonder what other issues were caused by this. Geez. Sound familiar?

So I plugged the other drives up (D: E: F: etc) up and went to their Windows and Windows.old folders and renamed them to something like "Windows-Disabled".
Bingo. Indexing and icons were working on C: drive, right away, even though I rebooted and all is very happily ever after.

Moral of the story: Next time I do a fresh Windows install, rename the old windows installs to "Windows-Disabled".
End of Saga.


 Tip for iPhone users (I'm iPhone 5)

Problem: Try to send text and then it says “not delivered” in red. This seems especially when  iPhone ATT user is sending to Verizon iphone user)

This problem occurred after ios7 install(and required reconfig of phone) due to reconfiguring iMessage accounts. Somehow the     “<Settings<Messages<Send as SMS” got turned off.


So by way of troubleshooting I made sure I followed this direction:


To reconnect with via text message. Make sure that your text messaging feature is enabled in Settings>Messaging:

enable iMessage ON
enable "Send as SMS" to ON
MMS Messaging ON

I did not have to reset the network, or reboot to fix it, but if you do……..
[You will also need to reset the network connections in:
Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network
Finally, power cycle your phone off/on, cold boot preferred and verify texting function]

Cool Win7 Tips

Tips for PC users

Having various issues with XP,Vista, Win7?

A) Just go to:

Win7: The Windows Orb (lower left) and type in the "search programs and files":    SFC /scannow
OR better yet...
1.      On the start screen type cmd, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

2.      In the elevated command prompt, type sfc /scannow and press         Enter

3.      Read Results

Older OS:
Start>Run> (type in) SFC /scannow

This will examine your OS files and repair the bad/corrupted files. For XP you need the OS disk, Win7 you don't. Then MS auto update will update a couple files.|
B)The next survival step would be a "repair install"..real easy to do on Win7.
C) Of course, last resort is a total reinstall on a newly formatted drive. Only those looking for serious trouble do an "upgrade"(eg Vista to Win7), without a fresh format and total clean install of OS. 

[iTunes, Iphone G3, and Win 7 6.1.7600 Build 7600

May 2010: iTunes seems to have incompatible code, it freezes, locks up with in 2 min of playing a song (no BSOD). It functions with syncing the iPhone G3 OS3, but but freezes after 2min of playing music. Surely iTunes 10, has to be better. There are plenty of music players out there. 05-12-10

Oct 2010:  iTunes 10.1 It does not sync iPhone G3 OS4.1 with Office(Outlook) 2010 via Mobileme or usb. It hung my CPU on 100% in a loop trying to sync (Macdot sync). (Good way to keep a hot processor late at night...check in task manager "Ctrl-alt-del" which program is hanging) After losing phone contacts/calendar(backup often), reinstalling everything (including Win7) 3 times...numerous macdot sync client errors, numerous attempts, I am finally able to sync via usb to iTunes. Mobile me is just not renewal there. Thank goodness iPhone will manually sync via usb to old iTunes 9.2 even though it still gives a dotmac sync error(error went away after a few days), the contacts, calendar are syncing with Outlook 2010 (fresh installs of everything). Itunes 9.2 is the oldest version that works with iPhone OS4.1 
iTunes 9.2 is easily avail on the internet. 11-01-10]


All, including sync and iTunes playback is working Purrrrrfect!! After seeing some sync issues(with above),
I tried the latest iTunes to sync with.

Office 2010 Outlook, 32-Bit
iPhone G3,Model MC135LL OS=4.3.2(8HL) 
(all the latest versions)
Win7  My internet exporer icon on the task bar quit taking pinned shortcuts. This fixed it. It does not show frequent or recent acitivity but you can drag a url shortcut from the desktop to the icon and it will be pinned.

1. Open Windows explorer.
2. Type or copy and paste the following into the address bar:


3. Identify files that are comparatively larger in size than the rest of the file,     such as files that have file size of about 1 MB or more.

4. Delete the abnormal file.

IE9: Rocks! Much faster! 4-23-11
but won't access many secure sites(sites are slow to update)

If you get this annoying message in XP or Vista
"Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?"  
Go to to fix(Similar to IE7 Fix below): 

~My Digital Life~ Link

Issue: Outlook acts weird or stays on top of other applications. Problem is corrupt .OST or .PST files. Start>enter "scanpst". Click on scanpst.exe. For me, after running SCANPST.EXE (a standard/common Outlook repair procedure)on some of the files, there were errors that got fixed, and the issue stopped.
You can run this on all .ost Files or .pst files. (hotmail or iCloud etc.)

They reside here: 
C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook



Downloading Images from an Outlook Email:

Three easy workarounds to this problem:

Option a: You can copy the image to the clipboard and paste it into a photo editing tool like Paint or Photoshop.

Option b: Open the email message and save it as an HTML file (File -> Save As -> Web page) – this will save all the embedded pictures in one folder. It’s the same trick that’s often used to extract pictures from PowerPoint slide-shows and is recommended when you want to download multiple images from the same message.

Option c: This is my favorite. Open the e-mail message and under the Message tab, select Other Actions -> View in Browser. This would open your mail inside the default web browser as a regular HTML web page and you can right-click to save an embedded picture.(as a gif)

Option c probably works with Office 2007 only so if you are using an earlier version of Outlook, please use the #b option.

Option d: go directly to  hotmail, google, gmail and save as jpg
(not embedded)  


HP Win 7 Certified Touch Screen Monitor

Cool Cnet walk thru

MS Word 2000 or 2003 Compatibility to Office 2007 and later.
Be sure to update your old MSOffice so Word can read the most recent Docs sent to you....Easy as Pie.... and FREE (& works).

I love the Baveuse font ...It reminds me of Mad Magazine line copy....

About Win 7 Install
and Itunes Reinstall.  
Be CERTAIN to export (Back up) your iTunes playlists
and library!!
Maybe take Pics of your iTunes Settings.
I did not have to "deauthorize" and "reauthorize" itunes
although screen prompts suggested it.
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