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BUY LOCAL 3:1  For every $100 spent at a Locally owned business, $45 goes back in to your community.
For every $100 spent at a Chain store only $14 Goes back into your community.
Hmmm... let's go figure. PLEASE do your part to __________(fill in blank, or essay). Please Buy Local at any Cost, esp AMERICAN cars
(where jobs and profits stay in country)

Here are some of my Favorite "Power links"

All-In-One Search Engine

All My Faves (major links)

Area Codes

BUY LOCAL - SUSTAINABLE CONNECTIONS - YOUR Economic and Social Change in 2009


Freeality People Search

Inflation Calculator

Jazz: A Congress Deemed National Treasure 1987

Mexico, Rent Casa Nina in Sayulita, for the perfect wind down. I sure enjoyed this Bohemian Surf Village.

Ngrams-Google, Calcs word Frequency in 5.5MM books

Thomas Register-Manufacturing Sourcebook

WX - The Weather Channel, The Real

ZDNet Computer Technology

Zip Codes

Some of my Friends...

Barney Quick- Guitarist(FB link) Author and Great guy!

Tony Klatt Alternative Therapist using Breathwork NYC Carter Boucher-Artist

Carter Boucher - Art

Joe Gianono - An Amazing Friend

Massimo Leather in Florence, IT When I got my jackets, beautiful Italian design. Tell Mass Bruce says Hi!

Peggy Appleby - Artist



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